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Aptamer Sensor Technology

An electrochemical aptamer-based (E-AB) biosensor has the ability to generate an electrochemical signal in response to specific target binding. The signal is measured by a change in Faradaic current passed through an electrode. E-AB sensors are advantageous over previously reported aptamer-based sensors, such as fluorescence generating aptamers, due to their ability to detect target binding in vivo with real-time measurements. An E-AB sensor is composed of a three-electrode cell: an interrogating electrode, a reference electrode, and a counter electrode. A signal is generated within the electrochemical cell then measured and analyzed by a potentiostat. E-AB biosensors provide a promising mechanism for in-situ sensing and real time biomarker sensing

An ion-selective electrode (ISE), also known as a specific ion electrode (SIE), is a transducer (or sensor) that converts the activity of a specific ion dissolved in a solution into an electrical potential. The voltage is theoretically dependent on the logarithm of the ionic activity, according to the Nernst equation. Ion-selective electrodes are used in analytical chemistry and biochemical/biophysical research, where measurements of ionic concentration in an aqueous solution are required

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We design and manufacture solid state carbon nanotube based ISEs for a whole range of ions, custom shapes and sizes are possible

Ion-selective electrodes (ISEs) are electrochemical ion sensors that convert the activity of a target ion into an electrical potential as the measurable signal. The essential part of ISEs is the ion-selective membrane. They are complicated to make and precision is key, we design and manufacture Ready-to-use ion selective liquid cocktails. 

Sensor Electronics and software

We have developed and tested ISE electronics for single and multi channel ISE devices. An example is a raspberry pi 8- channel ISE potentiometric board, mount it on your pi and create your own multi channel device for a very small budget

We can licence or design a PC/Mac/Pi based software package for you

Hardware Design

Use our experience to help you design your own probe hardware to build your own aptamer or ISE based device, contact us for more details

Calibration Solutions

We custom manufacture highly accurate calibration solution matrices at very good prices, contact us for further information

• 2011 •

Our first multi-ion solid state device


6 sensors


Multi Ion Meter


iOS/Android app

Our first device

Simple to use wired 6 ion probe and meter, capable of Calibrating and reading six solid state ion selective electrodes simultaneously. Prior to this a user could only buy a bulky mV meter, or a pH meter with a mV function and calibrate using an excel template. We made the whole process really simple so measuring ions in a greenhouse could be done by anyone. 

The sensors are first of their kind solid state using carbon nanotubes as the transducing agent. 

• 2022 •

Wireless Probe

6 ion probe

Award winning sensors Royal Society of Chemistry 1st Place 2017

Worlds first NPK+ probe, worlds first Phosphate electrode

8 ion Self calibrating autonomous analyser for hydroponics developed with H2020 Timescale

Projects 2023 onwards

Innovate UK

PROVIDE 8 ion Agriculture outdoor nutrient analyser


Aptamer based E-aB sensors